What are the benefits of the Gadiva REUSABLE Hair Extension System?

No Glue - No Heating - No Bonding - No Weaving
No Chemicals to Apply or Remove the Hair Extensions 

1 to 1 1/2 Hours for a full head application of Gadiva Hair Extensions

No Damage to Client's Natural Hair

100% REUSABLE Remy Human Hair Extensions in 20" (50cm)

What can you achieve with your Gadiva Hair Extensions?

Length - Volume - Body - Colour - Highlights - Texture

Gadiva Hair Extensions have designed the most advanced, improved REUSABLE Micro Ring Hair Extension system on the market, and have customers Australia-wide enjoying the major benefits that come with using the Gadiva system.

What is the Gadiva Reusable Micro Ring Hair Extension System?

It is a REUSABLE Micro Ring Hair Extension System with the most advanced Gadiva pre-bonded tip.

What is it about the Gadiva Reusable Micro Ring Hair Extension System that sets it apart from the rest?

Gadiva equals - No Mess, No Fuss, No Glue, No Heating, No Bonding, No Weaving and No Chemicals! Already this shows you the major difference with the Gadiva Hair Extension System compared to others on the market. The Gadiva Hair Extension System uses 100% Premium Quality Human Hair which is REUSABLE, because of the specifically formulated Gadiva pre-bonded Tip, which does not deteriorate with water, heat or chemicals. 

What this means is that you DO NOT need to re-purchase the hair every 3-4 months. With the Gadiva Micro Ring System, it will only take 1 to 1 1/2 hours for a full head application (so this makes it fast, quick and easy to install).

How are the Gadiva "Reusable" Micro Ring Hair Extensions attached to the client's Hair?

It is attached to client's hair via the adjustable and REUSABLE micro rings. There are absolutely no chemicals involved in the application or removal of the Gadiva Reusable Micro Ring Hair Extension System!

How are the Hair Extensions reusable?

Gadiva uses 100% Premium Quality Human Hair which is REUSABLE because of the Gadiva pre-bonded Tip! The Gadiva pre-bonded Tip has been specifically formulated not to deteriorate with water, heat or chemicals. You can straighten, blow wave or even curl your hair extensions without worrying about affecting the pre-bonded Tip or the hair extensions.

The Gadiva pre-bonded Tip ensures that the thickness of the hair extensions will remain the same for their entire life. A lifespan of up to 2 years can be expected from your hair extensions provided they are maintained correctly.

What can clients do with their Gadiva Reusable Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

You can add length, body, fullness, colour and highlights. You can add hair extensions for texture but most of all, you can create a complete new look.

What are the benefits of the Gadiva REUSABLE Hair Extension System?

100% REUSABLE Premium Quality Human Hair Extensions, in 20 inch lengths and a large range of colours.
All hair is tipped with the Gadiva pre-bonded Tip that does not deteriorate with water, heat or chemicals and this ensures the hair is REUSABLE.

You can add length, fullness, texture, colour or highlights.
Versatility to change your style with no commitments or fuss! (as this system is easy to install and remove).
Quick installation - Only 1 to 1 1/2 hours for a full head of hair extensions.

You can style your hair extensions with curling tongs, hair straightening irons and/or blow dryer and it will not affect the Gadiva pre-bonded Tip or hair extensions! 

Maintenance appointments will allow your professional hair care specialist to maintain your hair extensions to look their best at all times.

What additional Products are available at Gadiva Hair Extensions?

Gadiva Ionic Loop Brush - Specifically designed for use with Gadiva Hair Extensions. The bristles have been designed in a loop form to not pull on the rings or hair extensions in your hair, but to give you hair a gentle brush, leaving your hair soft and tangle free.

Gadiva Ionic Large Comb - Designed to be used on wet or dry hair. The Gadiva Ionic Large Comb has negative ions which significantly assist to maintain your hair, as they maintain the moisture in your hair, leaving it non-static (to eliminate fly away), manageable and shinny. The extra large sections between each tooth of the comb have been designed to make combing your hair easy whilst in the shower.

Please Note: Gadiva Hair Extensions recommends any colour work to be discussed with your professional hair care specialist.

 A brilliant clip of the correct and  incorrect use of hair extensions.  I Highly recommend this for any one who is considering getting extensions....

This the system that I use!!

  My Review

The GADIVA HAIR EXTENSIONS are by far the most beautiful looking and feeling hair, and are so comfortable to wear. I have them on myself and I have to say you really cannot feel them. The micro tubes sit flat and flush against your scalp, there is no pulling and no problem sleeping.

I have tried the weaving, glue,  micro beads, and tape extensions and I have found that the most comfortable are the Gadiva Hair Extensions !

The actual feel of the hair is silky smooth and the bond which holds the hair together is of the highest quality bond, which doesn't allow any of the hair to pull out. If looked after these extensions can be reused over and over. 

The Gadiva Hair Extensions are applied to clean wet hair, so the application is cleaner and much more secure, AND you can also use an iron on them, NOW that you can't do with any other extension without melting the bond. They truly are the best extensions I've come across by far !